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Hello! Welcome to Cuticuter. Cuticuter is an enterprise which embrace cooking and confectionery world, creating tools that would make easier the elaboration of your delicious creations.

We are pioneering in Spain on the 3D printer manufacturing, we use this innovative technology for creating the tools you need on a completely personalized way. Do not hesitate on asking your customized requests, because we would do all everything possible to design them like you want.
We own 9 3D printers all of them use PLA coils, which is a corn derived plastic, it is not toxic and able to use over your food. Furthermore, PLA only can be used on room or cold temperature, so, do not expose your loved cooking tools to dishwasher, the heat or high temperature.

Cuticuter team is composed by me and my husband David. My name is Cristina I am 28 years old and I am a graduate on Fine Arts at Technichal University of Valencia. I like everything that has to do a thing with art, cooking and confectionery (I like to do cookies, cupcakes and cakes the most)
Recently, I have learned a lot about graphic design and vectors, and I use those knowledge in order to create 2D drawings and designs whom later thanks to the help that my husband brought to me we transform them to 3D, and we have created the extensive Cuticuter catalogue of cutters and tools. Feel free to ask for a full catalogue or look our products in our website.

We hope you like our products, we have been working so hard on them, and do not hesitate to contact us on Cristina@cuticuter.com if you have any doubts or requests. Thank you so much and best wishes.

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